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Many flowers can now be obtained out of season because they are grown in greenhouses and are imported from other parts of the world. Seasonal flowers, however, are more likely to fresher and less expensive.

Hopefully your church and reception location aren't far apart from each other. This will come in handy when choosing a florist. Your best bet is to go with one that is local to the wedding and reception areas to cut down on costly delivery fees. The quicker your flowers reach their destination the fresher they will be.

Before choosing a wedding florist, several decisions should have been made. You should already know the type of wedding and reception you have planned and their locations should already be booked. For instance, if you are having a beach wedding the bride will want a small bouquet to go with her more informal beach wedding dress.

You should also know what color table linens will be used at the reception and what color dresses the bridal party will be wearing. This information is important when comparison shopping since you want to choose flowers to match the decor.

It's probably a good idea to first check with your banquet manager to see if flowers for the reception are included in your catering package. If they are, and this is acceptable to you, you'll only need to discuss ceremonial flowers and bouquets.

A florist who is armed with this information can give you a more accurate quote.


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Like all other aspects of your wedding, you'll want to comparison shop to get the best value for your money. Visit with different wedding florists and describe what you'd like for your wedding. He'll probably have several books for you to look through to choose the flowers and centerpieces that compliment your wedding and reception. Keep in mind that flowers are seasonal. To save money, go with blooms that are in season. If they're out of season, make sure they won't cost much money to bring in from other parts of the country. Exotic flowers are sure to be more expensive.

In your quest for the perfect flowers for your wedding, don't discount the neighborhood florist. He might not advertise as a wedding florist, but he probably knows what he's doing. Even better, he probably charges less than the one at the wedding super center. The service is sure to be more personalised and he'll have more time to sit with you and find flowers to suit your needs.

Once you've visited several shops, browsed their books and received their quotes, it's time for you to begin choosing a wedding florist. Do you want to go with the wedding florist who charges the lowest fee or the florist with the prettiest floral arrangements? Do you want personalized service, or a limited package provided by the wedding super center or catering hall? Don't forget to ask about flower preservation! Whatever you do, don't settle for the cheapest price if the package doesn't feel right to you. It is, after all, the most important day of your life.